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Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD (aka Dr. Friendtastic)

Welcome to the Dr. Friendtastic newsletter for parents

With the epidemic of loneliness among adults, the mental health crisis among teens, and the harsh divisiveness in our country and our world, the work of teaching children how to build strong and caring friendships has never been more urgent.

This newsletter offers practical, research-based ideas you can use to help your child make and keep friends. And, you’ll probably find that the information is useful and relevant for your own relationships.

Why a newsletter about children’s friendships?

Friendships matter. They make the hard times easier and the good times more fun.

But friendships aren’t always easy. Feeling anxious around people they don’t know well, having an argument with a friend, dealing with teasing, or feeling jealous when a friend spends time with someone else…these are all common experiences for kids, but they can be very painful.

Even as adults, in new situations or new relationships, we’re constantly learning about how to get along with others.

The good news is that there’s a lot we can do as parents to help our kids learn to make and keep friends.

This newsletter gives you essential resources so you can help your child navigate those unavoidable friendship rough spots and learn to be a good friend.

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Featured workshops are entertaining and practical. They offer realistic, research-based tips you can use immediately to support your child's social and emotional development. They draw from my knowledge as a clinical psychologist and author of nine traditionally published books about children’s feelings and friendships.

I have lots of great new topics coming up, including Myths and Truths About Resilience in Children and Families and Raising Kind Kids, as well as Q&A sessions.

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A podcast about friendship to share with your child

The Kids Ask Dr. Friendtastic podcast is for children, but it’s actually an easy and convenient resource for parents and other caring adults to help kids learn about friendship.

Each weekly, 5-minute episode features an audio recording of a question about friendship from a child (age 13 or under), plus a practical and thought-provoking answer. You’ll also get a transcript and discussion questions you can use to help your child think about the topic in deeper, more personal ways.

Just listening to the podcast with your child is likely to trigger interesting conversations. You may also want to break it into steps:

  • Play an episode up to the end of the kid question.

  • Ask your child what advice they’d give to that kid.

  • Play my answer.

  • Use the discussion questions as a jumping-off point to connect the topic to your child’s experiences.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is Dr. Friendtastic?

My real name is Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD. I’m an author, clinical psychologist, and mom of four based in Princeton, NJ. I’ve written a bunch of books about children’s feelings and friendships, including: Moody Moody Cars (for ages 4-8), Growing Feelings (for ages 6-12), Growing Friendships (for ages 6-12), and Kid Confidence (for parents). Learn more at EileenKennedyMoore.com or DrFriendtastic.com (for kids).

  • Why do you care so much about friendship?

When I was growing up, my family moved about every three years, spending time living in Spain and Peru as well as the Chicago area. So, you could say I became an expert at a young age about making new friends and connecting with lots of different people–because I had to!

In my psychology practice, I’ve spent a lot of time talking with kids and adults about friendship issues. I’ve also studied a lot of scientific research about friendships. Strong friendships help us feel happier and more connected.

  • Do you wear a cape in real life?

Not as often as I’d like!

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Some Practical Matters

Obviously, the Dr. Friendtastic newsletter is NOT psychotherapy. It's for educational purposes only. The ideas mentioned may or may not be relevant for your particular situation.

I trust you to use your judgment about what makes sense for your child and your family and to consult your physician or a mental health provider, if needed, about very serious or complicated situations.

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Author, psychologist, mom of 4, in Princeton, NJ. I write the Dr. Friendtastic newsletter + podcast about kids' feelings & friendships. Recent books: Growing Feelings, Moody Moody Cars, Kid Confidence. EileenKennedyMoore.com | DrFriendtastic.com.